Learning for Life

At Leopold Primary School our school Motto, “Learning for Life” is supported by our vision: learning to know, learning to do, learning to be and learning to live together, equips our students with knowledge, skills and the disposition to actively embrace learning, leading all to become confident contributing member of both our school and the wider community.


Our mission is to create an educational space where our students can academically, socially and emotionally ‘SHINE’.


Our mantra of “The More You Know the More You Grow” ties all of this together nicely to make sense for our students, parents, staff and the Leopold community.


Our commitment to our students’ well-being is the driving force behind everything we do. Parents want our school to bring out the very best in their children and to help them reach their full potential. All within Leopold Primary School – administrators, teachers, educational support workers and volunteers, share that same firm commitment. Through our learning about the Berry Street Education Model we are able to support students to flourish when there are high expectations and students receive support that best meets their individual goals. We also know that staff and parents flourish when they are supported in their own learning, growth and wellbeing.