The core purpose of Leopold Primary School, defined in the schools Strategic Plan, is to provide an inclusive and challenging learning environment where our students' voice is heard to activate their motivation and aspirations towards their learning. We recognise that wellbeing is the fundamental building block to successful learning. Our school is underpinned by wellbeing strategies that allow our students to be present, centred, grounded, and ready to learn each day. 


Supporting our students' academic growth and personal and social development is paramount. Our school prides itself on providing a comprehensive curriculum with a strong focus on literacy and numeracy. Embedded across all curriculum areas, our school’s instructional model is adapted from Gagne’s Conditions of Learning and comprises five domains and nine events supported by feedback and assessing performance. Our school’s key foundation for learning to take place is built on student wellbeing as this is the front and centre of our instructional model and curriculum programs.


Leopold Primary’s Instructional Model





Our specialist program consists of Physical Education, Performing Arts, Visual Arts and Indonesian. Our students in the early years also participate in a specialist program that develops their awareness and understanding of our school’s values of Kindness, Honesty, Responsibility and Respect.