Reporting Overview

Leopold Primary –  School Reports



Our school prides itself on our teachers providing our students with timely and purposeful feedback about their learning. We do this a number of ways – individual and group conferencing, learning RUBRICS, individual goal setting, peer to peer feedback, Student Led Conferences and School Reporting.


Online Reporting

Leopold Primary uses an online platform to provide our students and their families with feedback on learning throughout the year – School Report (Progressive).  At the end of each semester,  a summative report against the curriculum standards is provided regarding each student’s overall capabilities against the Victorian Curriculum.  Teachers report monthly against core curriculum areas, providing feedback regarding a student’s strength, the next step and the next report focus.

Our specialist teachers provide feedback at the end of each term to students and families.   A reporting timeline is provided on our schools website. A work sample is uploaded alongside the school report.

Families are provided with a unique username and password to login and access their child’s Reporting Space. If you have forgotten your password or misplaced your username, please contact the school and we will be more than happy to provide you with your details.



Open classroom are organised and delivered by PLTs each term.   Parents/ guardians and extended family members are invited to attend the events which show case learning across the curriculum.



Student led conferences are held in third term. Students lead their parents / guardians through the learning conference.