School Council

School Council

School Council plays a vital role in the educational opportunity and outcomes of all students at school.  In essence, the role of School Council is one of setting the long-term future for the school and maintaining oversight (not management) of the school's operation. At Leopold Primary School the School Council is a supportive team that are made up of Parents, Community and Staff representatives. The Leopold Primary School Council is made up of the following representatives:  


  •         Parents Representative
  • Ahmet Ahmet
  • Ramona Browne
  • Jody Slater
  • Amanda Lowe
  • Libbie Arnott
  • Killian Mulcahy
  • Kirsten Felthouse
  • Peta Spark


  •         Staff Representative
  • Triste Anderson
  • Caitlin Wise
  • Cathryn Blennerhassett
  • Corinne Reid
  • Stuart Bott


  •         Community Member
  • Leschelle Keast
  • Kylie Clayton

2021 Office Bearers:

  • President – Ahmet Ahmet
  • Vice President – Ramona Browne 
  • Treasurer – Amanda Lowe 
  • Minute Secretary – Charmaine Granger