Tutoring Program

Tutor Learning Initiative at Leopold P.S


At Leopold Primary School we are committed to ensure all students' academic and social needs are met. The 2021 Tutor Learning Initiative (TLI) is driven by student learning need, with students ranging from those who already had additional learning needs prior to the period of remote and flexible learning in 2020, to those students who were previously progressing at or above level, but whose learning progress was most impacted by remote and flexible learning.

At Leopold the schools Tutors working in teams with classroom teachers to:

  • determine students point of need through a range of assessments 
  • agree on learning goals with the student
  • implement evidenced-based high impact strategies to progress the learning
  • evaluate learning progress regularly
  • and then determine the degree of impact through a range of summative assessments.

Depending on learning progress, tutors in collaboration with classroom teachers will continue to adapt their strategies to ensure continued progress in learning outcomes.

We have 8 Tutors at Leopold P.S who work throughout the school. The Tutors work in the following areas:

  • Reading Intervention
  • Reading Extension
  • Leveled Literacy Intervention
  • Maths Extension
  • Maths Intervention


The school's Tutor Learning program is led by Assistant Principal Samatha Sharkey who works with the tutors and teams across the school to ensure students' needs are being met.