Specialist Programs

Visual Art

In Art, we are committed to engaging students with an array of experiences such as painting and sculpture. We set challenging and achievable learning outcomes in an environment that nurtures creativity. We also seek community engagement opportunities to showcase student achievements such as the Royal Geelong Show and local art competitions. 




Performing Arts 

Performing Arts lessons provide our students with valuable opportunities to independently and collaboratively explore music practices, principles and concepts. We learn how to play, rehearse and perform using a variety of different instruments such as xylophones, ukuleles, guitars, keyboards, bucket drums, electric instruments, the voice and an assortment of hand drums and percussion. Students gradually develop their connection to music through fun games, songs, musical examples and exercises set to encourage and challenge students of all levels and abilities, in a safe and respectful environment. Music curriculum is at the forefront of our learning, but students are also exposed to the fundamentals of drama and dance throughout the Semester in ways that stimulate creativity. We share our learning and communicate feedback in class discussions using new terminology, as well as rehearse for performances either in the classroom, the schoolyard, at assemblies, in the school Bucket-Drumming Band, Leopold Lightning Rock Band or in the wider community.





In Indonesian we explore the Indonesian language and culture through a variety of mediums. In the junior years we read stories in both Indonesian and English and show our understanding through songs, drawing and verbal retell. In the senior years we create our own written pieces in Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) as well. Language games are an important part of our classroom to stimulate our speaking and listening skills to replicate a real life situation. We experience culture through traditional games such as congklak and have the opportunity to explore traditional music with our Angklung instruments. Students have the opportunity to further their learning with Indonesian speaking and writing competitions against other schools throughout the year.