Kind Kids Club

Kind Kids Club


In 2018 the Kind Kids Club (KKC) was established at Leopold Primary School. The club was established to give students the opportunity to spread kindness, not only around the school but at home and into our wider community. Over the past 2 years, students from grades 3-6 who have been involved in the KKC have helped to raise over $3000 to go towards charities/foundations including; The Royal Children’s Hospital, The Children’s Ward at Geelong Hospital and The Disabled Surfers Association, Ocean Grove.

Money was raised through selling our KEEP KIND badges and stickers (designed by students at our school), along with kindness wristbands and toys, which were kindly donated by students and staff at the school and local businesses. 

Students in the Kind Kids Club have also been visiting our local kindergartens and Aged Care facility. The activities the students have been doing at the kinder’s and aged care include some of the following:

  • Kindness cut and paste activities involving a thumbs up or thumbs down, depending on the actions they see modeled.
  • Planting of plants into gardens within the kindergartens.
  • Games
  • Reading stories and playing games involving sharing, taking turns and using manners.
  • Making books where the KKC students work with the kinder students to create masterpiece pictures showing how we show kindness. These pictures are created into books and given to the kinder to keep for their students to read through.


The Kind Kids Club has also created a Kindness Card. The kindness card was developed for students to be able to carry out an act of kindness for someone else and to give them the card. In turn, the hope is for that card to be ‘passed forward” to someone else for them to continue the random acts of kindness. We heard of students passing the cards onto neighbours once they had done some gardening for them, jobs done around the home for parents and then parents buying a coffee for a random stranger! We hope to see the cards pop up far and wide to spread kindness to everyone.

Not only have the students of the KKC displayed kindness to others around them at school, home and in the wider community, but also to themselves.