At Leopold Primary School, our focus on student reporting is twofold. Our first reporting component is a termly reporting cycle (Continuous Reporting) where your child is set individualised learning goals in the core subjects of Reading, Writing and Maths each term. Feedback concerning your child’s goals is given over the term by their teacher.


Our second component is the semesterly reports. This report summarises your child’s semester of learning and is marked against the Victorian Curriculum. This report indicates how your child is performing against the expected outcomes of their year level.






Goal feedback (Continuous Reporting) is a snapshot of a students learning in Reading, Writing and Maths and provides information about where they are against their learning goal.  At the end of a unit of work, teachers mark whether a student has achieved or not achieved their learning goal.  Teachers will provide feedback about a student's strengths, and their next learning goal within the subject area reported on. 



At the end of each semester, families are provided with a semesterly report. These reports consist of the goal feedback (the comments provided throughout each term), a social comment, and an overview of the curriculum taught throughout the semester. Teachers provide information about your child’s academic achievement, and your child is given a rating that reflects how they are progressing against the expected standards of the Victorian Curriculum.





The new behaviour and effort scale at Leopold Primary School is as follows:


  • Excellent – Consistently exceeds expectations.
  • Very Good – Often exceeds expectations.
  • Good – Meets expectations.
  • Needs Attention- Is inconsistent with meeting the expectations.
  • Unsatisfactory - Significant difficulty in meeting the expectations.
  • Not Applicable – Will not be marked against this criteria.