Koori/Cultural Inclusion

Koori/Cultural Inclusion

Intercultural interactions have become a part of everyday life in our increasingly multicultural and globalised world. Developing intercultural knowledge, skills and understandings is an essential part of living with others in the diverse world of the twenty-first century. The Intercultural capability curriculum assists students to become responsible local and global citizens, equipped for living and working together in an interconnected world.


Intercultural capability aims to develop knowledge, understandings and skills to enable students to:

  • demonstrate an awareness of and respect for cultural diversity within the community
  • reflect on how intercultural experiences influence attitudes, values and beliefs
  • recognise the importance of acceptance and appreciation of cultural diversity for a cohesive community.

At Leopold Primary School, we have Cultural Leaders who work together on a fortnightly basis with the schools Cultural Inclusion teacher, Ms. Robyn Garnham, to learn about local Korri communities, to lead Cultural recognition days and events such as Reconciliation Week, Nadioc and Harmony Day and to celebrate cultural diversity throughout the school. 

Each year Ms. Garnham organises the Indigenous Book Swap, a highlight of the school year, to raise money for remote Indiegnous communities.




Harmony Day


Harmony Day acknowledges the contributions of multicultural communities to Australian society. It is celebrated with many community festivals and local events with global food and music and traditional dress. At Leopold Primary School, Harmony Day is a day for our school community to celebrate all of our uniqueness as individuals and how we join together to form our Leopold Community.