Digital Learning/STEM


Digital Learning and STEM at Leopold Primary School

At Leopold Primary School, the students learn about various digital technologies and participate in lots of STEM activities both as part of their everyday learning but also during the junior and senior STEM clubs and in the STEM lab.


Our students learn about Coding through using, Scratch, Spheros, drones, MaKey MaKey and CS First. We build our program sequentially so all year levels can experience Computer Science. Our senior students continue their programming and electronic education by learning about and using Arduino. 


We incorporate Design Technology into our program by incorporating 3D printers and Lazer Cutters. Students use programs such as Inkscape and Tinkercad to design various items related to STEM.


Students in grade 4-6 have one to one laptops and in the junior school, students have regular access to ipads and laptops throughout their learning.