Welfare Team

Meet the Boys:

Jack and the Wellbeing Office

Welcome back everyone! Term 2 has started well with a great learning atmosphere in each of the rooms. It’s a privilege to be involved in this terrific school. It never ceases to amaze me how much energy and care the staff display for our students.


This week I thought it may be helpful to introduce you to the LPS Wellbeing Office where Jack Lopez and I are based.

Jack is the Wellbeing Worker – Jack started here at LPS this year and replaces Tash Rae who has moved on to a Wellbeing leadership job at Geelong Lutheran College.


Jack is a teacher who has transferred from Newcomb State Primary School where he worked as the Wellbeing Coordinator. He is married to Melissa and has three children. We are loving having Jack work with us at LPS. Jack works in Wellbeing on Mon, Tues and Thurs. The other days (Wed and Fri) he works as our librarian at LPS.


Rob works as the Chaplain and is the author of these articles that are posted on a regular basis. I have a background and qualifications in teaching, pastoral care and counselling.


Jack’s and my job is to support students, families and staff in any way needed under the wellbeing heading. We mostly find ourselves helping individuals work through personal issues that are bothering them.


One of the programs that Jack and I run are classroom wellbeing visits where we help reinforce the school values. Most classes have been visited during Term 1, where we’ve talked about the importance of having a grateful mindset. We’ve used Finding Nemo clips to help demonstrate gratefulness.



All the best everyone.

Kindest regards, Rob. LPS Chaplain.




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